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Hermes Belt
  • Victoria Beckham
    Five Style Lessons by Victoria Beckham

    Victoria Beckham is a multitalented lady and doesn’t need introduction. Anyway, her style statement for Spring/Summer 2018 at New York Fashion Week was                                                               “Real

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  • Top Insane Destinations For Adventure Lover

    It is quite common that every now and then most of the individuals would feel that their routine life is quiet boring, and they look out for something that could keep them away their normal lackluster life for at least some time. It has been broadly accepted that adventurous locations are the best places to

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  • Hermes Plans to Open a New Las Vegas Strip Store

    Sources have revealed that the renowned luxury clothing company, Hermes is planning to open up a new store. The store is likely to get opened in the month of June and is expected to be larger when compared to the other stores. One of the statements released by the company stated that thearea of the

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  • The First Lady Again in Limelight for Not Dressing Appropriately

    Melania Trump wore the same dress from Ralph Lauren collection that she wore on her first international trip as the first lady of United States to Riyadh and Saudi Arabia. The only change was that on her international trip she used a wide leather belt to cinch the dress, while this time around it was

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  • The Best 5 Restaurants in Delhi for Combo Offers

    The city of Delhi is also the food capital of our country. It houses several types of restaurants, which are the best in the entire country in terms of the taste and quality of food along with mind-blowing ambiences. But going out to these fancy places can be an expensive deal. However, there are several

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  • Is Water Purifier a Necessity or Luxury?

    The human body consists of about 65% of water. Water is one of the most essential components of the body and is an absolute necessity. No living organism can survive without water. We have constant supply of municipal water in our homes, but that water isn’t safe for drinking. It is brackish and contains a

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  • The Essential Guide To French Dining Etiquette

    Let’s just say you are going to thank your stars for this crash course on French table manners, whether you are invited to a corporate party at a French restaurant or are going for a holiday to France this summer. The French take great pride in their cuisine and food is an integral part of

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