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Five Style Lessons by Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is a multitalented lady and doesn’t need introduction. Anyway, her style statement for Spring/Summer 2018 at New York Fashion Week was

                                                              “Real Clothes for Real Life”.

She also said that people can wear every single piece with a style. So, here are her five style mantras for this season.

Opt for Sparkly Shoes during Day Time

The fashion diva suggests going for sparkly shoes with high heels this season. Girls can rock any show with their sparkly shoes but should be worn with daywear for sure, she added.

Play the Shirt Game Wisely

Gone are the days of crisp cotton shirting. According to Victoria, it’s time for sheers and layering but use light tone. They are the takeaway of this season. Pair a long shirt with a sheer skirt and that will amaze the city.

ThePerfect Red Dress Will Do

VB suggested trying with colors as they work as a great mood changer. In fact, she used to wear Black since a long time and this season she tried Red, which worked for her. So, mantra number 3 is to enjoy wearing colors.

Victoria Beckham

Swap Stripes for Checks

Though stripes for checks are the new cool fashion, it reminded VB of her school days when she used to use graph paper for Maths exams. She added that these are the latest cool patterns to match with the fashion trend.So,one should definitely try it. She also informed that checks look best when worn from top to bottom. So, girls should keep this in mind.

Menswear Too Kill the Show

As we all know, this style diva loves silhouettes and this season too she gave her love affair a new cutting edge. According to her, this year they have worked on the outfit a bit more in terms of making it lighter in tone.They may look little strange but can be granted for the long run, she said.



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